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Each of our practitioners has a least 20 years clinical experience

We use a holistic, integrative approach

Wide range of naturopathic services

Naturopath Brisbane Locations

If you are looking for a naturopath in Brisbane, we have two practice locations plus our virtual services:

  • New Farm,QLD, 4005
  • Bahrs Scrub,QLD, 4207
  • Online – Telehealth
  • Phone

We are a family orientated naturopathic practice based in Brisbane. Services are offered through naturopathic consultations to help identify how we can best manage those unwanted symptoms. We also offer wellness programs for a wide range of conditions.

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Groves Naturopathics Services

How Can We Help?

Weight loss

Weight Loss

The Groves Lifestyle Diet is based on naturopathic principles. It is not a “miracle diet” but a holistic way of living. we guide to successful weight loss and teach you how to keep it off, learn more


Anxiety and Mood Disorders

Anxiety can be completely debilitating. We carefully select the treatment plan that suits you to get you back on track, even if you are on medication, learn more.

Stomach Health

Digestive Support

If you have recurring digestive symptoms like constipation, diarrhoea and reflux, if left untreated, the symptoms may lead to more severe problems and affect your overall health. learn more.

Lung health

Immune Support for Cold & Flu

We are dedicated to the prevention and treatment of cold and flu. If treated in the early stages, most mild conditions will subside and not become a full-blown infection.

Liver detox

Liver Support

The liver will thank you after our holistic liver cleansing program. Addressing food, drink and environmental factors. Includes supplements that support phase two liver detoxification.

How Can Naturopathy Support Health?  

The human body, given the opportunity and right knowledge, commitment, dedication, correct nutrition and lifestyle, can heal itself. Many symptoms likepain, inflammation, fatigue, and chronic diseases may indicate that there is a more profound underlying imbalance, in many cases, multiple imbalances. 

At Groves Naturopathics, we take the time to look, listen, tests where necessary and take into account your unique needs. Our personalised wellness plans address the symptoms while treating the underlying cause. Although we don’t offer a magic pill, but a way of living based on the principles and natural laws that support the body’s function to live a happier and healthier life. 

before & after female

Try Our Weight Loss Program, and you to could lose 6-8 kilos in 5 weeks.

Our Naturopaths

Each with over 20 years of experience.

My lovely wife Nadine and I have been offering a family orientated Naturopathic Wellness Practice for over 20 years with comprehensive and multidisciplinary programs to our patients. We are unique and provide personal quality care? Our goal is for everybody to achieve their full potential of health, wellness and vitality.

Brendon Groves
Nadine Groves naturopath

Our Approach

We are passionate about what we do and practice what we preach. ‘Wellness is not just the absence of symptoms or disease. Our practice is based on preventing an illness before it becomes to a crisis, the body communicates its dysfunction by giving us signs, some may call them symptoms like pain, fatigue and disfunction.

Our Process

Each client starts with an Initial consultation, where we gather the  information to discover the underlying imbalances, in most cases, they are multiple imbalances. We take the time to look, listen and test when necessary. Follow up consultation are set made to refine and improve the treatment outcomes.  

How to get the best results

For the best outcome clients who have a strong desire to improve their health are committed to taking action.
They want to attain the knowledge, follow the correct nutrition and do sustainable exercise or movement to get the best results. We know from experience if you give the body what it needs, it will heal itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does naturopathy work?

Naturopathy identifies the signs and symptoms of health conditions and investigates the underlying cause as well as treating the symptoms with a focus on the patient’s health priority — a holistic approach is used to develop a treatment plan that best suits the patient’s needs. The naturopathic underlying belief is that the body can heal itself, providing it receives the right support. 

How do I make an appointment

The best way to book an appointment is to text, phone or Contact us and ask to arrange a free 30-minute meeting over the phone. This allows us to get a feel for what you are looking for and to see if I can help you with your health. 

How To get aCcess to OUR Complimentary Support line?

Once you become a client and are seeing us regularly basis, you get access to our unique support line. Our practitioners are available for you to talk to in-between your consultation. Many clients have found this to be invaluable in supporting their health plan.

Which conditions can you treat with naturopathy?

Naturopathy is very good with longterm chronic conditions. However, there are some very good treatments for anxiety and respiratory condition that can manage acute conditions when there arise. Here is a list of conditions we have success in treating:

  • Reflux
  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Stomach upsets
  • Colds & flu, recurring colds and flu infections
  • Digestive upsets
  • Leaky gut syndrome, microbiome unbalance
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Mood disorders
  • Insulin resistance 
  • Sugar cravings 
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Overweight, weight management 
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Insomnia, sleep onset and sleep maintenance include poor sleep quality 
  • Sleep apnea
  • Infertility
What is a First Visit Health Care Package?

The First Visit Care Package is a system to collect the relevant Naturopathic information about your health and helps us to build a picture of where your current health is at and enables us to design an effective wellness strategy with you. The First Visit Care Health Package is a cost-effective way for you to experience what we offer on at your first visit. 

What is the advantage of doing a health program?

Our health programs are put together in such a way as to make each one as efficient, cost effective and easy to do as possible. Programs on offer:

  • Groves Lifestyle Diet (GLD)
  • Viral Immune Pack (VIP)
  • A Stress Anxiety Program (ASAP