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Receive your First Visit Care package

With each new booking, you will receive the First Visit Health Care package with your initial appointment. The purpose of our First Visit Care Package is to collect as much relevant Naturopathic information about your health.

So, we are able to build a picture of where your health is today this will enable us to develop an effective wellness strategy with you. 

Our aim is to provide an introduction to Naturopathic Medicine in our clinic. The First Visit Care Health Package is a specially designed and cost-effective way for you experience what we offer. We may, time permitting, included the following services as part of your first visit.

Complimentary Support Line

Become a client and get access to our unique Complimentary Support Line. Our practitioners are available for you to talk to in-between your visits.

First Visit Care Package includes:

Comprehensive Health Appraisal Questionnaire, HAQ 

As many people come to our clinic with symptoms that interfere with their enjoyment of life and vitality. Yet, pathology tests such as blood, xrays, scans all show normal.

While other people come with diagnosed illness and abnormal pathologies.

This comprehensive questionnaire is designed to capture and categorise these symptoms to provide a clear picture of imbalance. ept cash, EFTPOS & major credit cards.

Mood Disorder Appraisal Questionnaire, MDA  

Recent evidence indicates that the physical changes associated with stress may contribute up to two thirds of all patient complaints.

We use this simple & comprehensive questionnaire to capture, and show us a picture of how our emotional health. This may relate to our physical health.

Zinc Test 

Zinc testing allows us to evaluate the level of zinc in your body. Regular zinc tests are important as zinc is required for growth and repair of all tissues and for a healthy immune system.

Is the study of analysing the structure, texture and colour of the eyes. It is an assessment tool to evaluate constitutional strengths and weakness both physical and emotional, inflammation and functional disturbances.




Laboratory Tests

When things get complex and we need more clarification we routinely use laboratory tests these are generally of a functional type meaning we test for how efficiently a system is functioning.

This is different to general medical testing which is generally testing for a disease state.

These additional laboratory tests  will attract an additional cost charged by the individual laboratories, with whom you will be dealing directly with.

About Our Appointments

Changing your Appointment

 We are a busy referral practice with a patient-waiting list. We understand that if you make an appointment with us, you have made a commitment to your own health so do not take cancelling or rescheduling your appointment lightly.

Please also consider that if you do not provide us with enough notice we may be unable to offer your appointment time to another patient who may be sick or in acute pain.

We do not spend our day at the computer so our preferred form of communication for appointment changes is via a phone call.

With this in mind will you please give us 2 working days notice to reschedule or cancel any appointments? 


This is an important consideration. As we are all responsible for our own health so we are responsible for our own finances.

We are always happy to discuss costs and how best we can tailor the necessary treatment plan and time frames to suit your budget.


We run a pay as you go system; payment is required on the completion of each visit.
We accept cash, EFTPOS & major credit cards.