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Medical Disclaimer

Terms of Use

Appointment Policy 

An appointment 

An appointment Is a prescheduled consultation time for you to receive one-on-one naturopathic guidance, effort, and expertise. During this “time” you will receive the practitioner’s complete attention and focus on you and your specific needs.

Your appointment booking 

Once you are scheduled, you are responsible for that “appointment” time OR for notifying us of your cancellation 2 working days in advance. With proper notification, you will not be asked to make any percentage payment of the fee. I ask, in turn, for your respect and understanding that this is my time, business and the way I make a living. I cannot fill a gap in my schedule (my income) with less than two working days notice.

Emergencies do happen 

You may cancel at any time in the event of an emergency, without the worry of any fee or payment. An “emergency,” is determined as such by your understanding of the word, and by your circumstances. We place trust in you not to abuse this, and to use it in honest, genuine, unavoidable emergencies.

If you are suddenly sick and contagious 

If you are suddenly sick and contagious Or otherwise too ill for your consultation, you may cancel at any time, without the worry of any fee or payment. “Sick” means: a physical illness of the body that is/is not contagious. We place trust in you not to abuse this, and it is not for anxieties or other emotional distresses.

In the event of a scheduling conflict 

In the event of a scheduling conflict On your part (with less than two working days notice to me), I ask that you be prepared to pay for my time, including “accidentally forgetting.” (For example, You forgot about your appointment this morning. Or, you were confused about what day it was. Or, you just made another commitment 10 minutes ago that will conflict with your appointment with me in 4 hours and, you feel you need the other more than the scheduled time with me, and you call to reschedule. Etc, etc.)

Medical Disclaimer

Our Naturopaths

Our naturopaths are qualified and members of professional associations. Our dedication is to help patients transform their health on their health journey.

We are not medical doctors.

We do not practice medicine, and we do not diagnose or treat diseases or medical conditions. Our services are not intended to be a replacement for or substitute for those of a licensed medical physicianWe may advise you to be under the care of your medical doctor if that is the case we prefer open communication between both the naturopath and your medical doctor. 

Medical Emergencies

We do not handle medical emergencies. Please call your doctor or dial “000” if you have a medical emergency.

Medical Matters

Medical matters are the responsibility of you, and your primary health care physician, nothing discussed in consultation between us is intended to interfere with your healthcare physician’s exercise of independent clinical advice. If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor.

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Terms of Use

Groves Naturopathics, (ourwe or us) its principals, associates, agents and employees have, and will, make every effort to accurately prepare and present the information, products, or resources on this website.

The information provided here has been designed to promote Groves Naturopathics. Third-party content may be referenced in order to inform discussion about relevant topics or encourage engagement with the site and its communities.

When making decisions for yourself or your business you should always seek individual advice from a properly accredited person.

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Privacy Policy 

Groves Naturopathics, (ourwe or us) is a Naturopathic Practice. We are committed to protecting your privacy and for a safe online experience. This Statement of Privacy applies to the Groves Naturopathics website and the data collection and usage. By using our website, you agree to the data practices described in this Statement. Collection of your of your personal information, Groves Naturopathics collects personal information to help us serve you better. We used the information for the following purposes:

  • To provide the services requested by you.
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