Cold Symptoms, Soldier On

It’s no fun being sick

It’s no fun being sick from disease-causing viruses or bacteria can enter your body by merely breathing or eating! Fortunately, only a few of these, particularly viral, ‘pathogens’ result in a cold or flu because you are equipped with an immune system. Your commandos, specifically designed to fight off unwanted invaders.

That said, are you one of the many people, for whom a string of colds and flu is a way of life in winter? Perhaps getting rid of the seemingly endless sniffles, sneezing and sore throats seem like an unachievable ideal. Fortunately, it is possible to improve your immune system function. Reducing the frequency and severity of those nasty winter lurgies with a bit of awareness and some simple strategies.

Why does this matter?

If you are stressed out, unfit, get cold, run-down and consuming a nutritionally deficient diet. There’s a catch your immune system’s defences can succumb to one of the viruses floating around. Therefore, preparing your immune system to withstand this winter’s lurgies begins with a few simple foundational strategies: 

  • Reduce stress – being stressed reduces immune system function, so make sure you incorporate regular time-out, chill out and take some ‘green’ time, such as walking outdoors or playing with pets. 
  • Enjoy regular exercise – remaining active reduces the risk of contracting a cold by up to 46%.
  • Sleep – aim for 7 to 8 hours each night to restore energy and increase resilience. 
  • Eat your veggies (and fruits!) – at least three cups of fresh vegetables or salad, plus two serves of fresh fruit every day! Fill your plate with a rainbow of colour to ensure an abundance of essential nutrients and antioxidants that will help support healthy immune system cells.
  • Regularly wash your handssimple soap and warm water.  Cross-contamination with unwell people is the biggest contributor to the spread of cold and flu. “12 Great Hygiene Protocols to Help Stay Well”.

What is the strategy? 

Nevertheless, although being prepared is the best strategy. Realistically it may be difficult to achieve everything you are ‘meant’ to do, which is where your Practitioner can help. With access to natural medicines and the Stress Less, Wellness Programs; creating an individualised prescription for your needs can make a lasting difference to your health and vitality.

How can you do this? 

If you are one of those people that experience recurrent infections, then your immune system could benefit from some more specific additional support. The advantage of natural medicine is that it is not just to treat illness, but improve your natural immune defences. For example, the Healthy gut – healthy immune system! Did you know that approximately 70% of your immune system is in your digestive tract? This emphasises how important it is to also look after your gut health. Immune system function, making this combination a valuable aid to winter wellness.

Here’s the deal.

There’s no need to experience ongoing or recurrent illness this winter or hideaway at home on the couch. Start by modifying what needs to change in your diet and lifestyle, and speak to your Practitioner today about specific strategies to help support a healthy and resilient immune system and avoid any winter worries. ☺️

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