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Great news as of mid-October 2021, notified us that they had started to restock the Metagenics range. provide an efficient, easy way to order many practitioner-only supplements used by naturopaths. Your first order is freight-free delivery Australia-wide. If you want practitioner-only supplement access, you may wish to either fill out the form below or contact us.


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Brendon Groves naturopath
Brendon Groves
Clinical Naturopathic Practitioner
Founder of “Groves Naturopathics” and “The Groves Lifestyle Diet
Adv. Dip. H. Sc. Nat, Dip. H. Sc. H.M., Dip. H. Sc. Nut.
Advance Diploma of Naturopathy, Diploma of Nutrition, Diploma of Herbal Medicine.
Special interests in: Weight loss, digestive issues, anxiety and mood disorders, immune support.

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