Cold and Flu Rescue Book

Cold and Flu Rescue Book, Home Remedies Guide


Prevent and Treat Cold and Flu

Prevention is better than cure, never more true today with new strains and variants of viruses emerging. You will find preventative strategies that you can add to your daily habits. Applying the suggestions and making remedies to treat the early symptoms will reduce the risk of a respiratory virus from progressing to a more severe condition, such as pneumonia.

Strengthen Your Immune System

A healthy immune system needs an environment to support its optimal function. Learn what to do to muscle up and develop an immune system that works when you need it?

Herbs and Nutrients for Immune Health?

Optimise immune health with these remarkable herbs and nutrients. Brendon shares his clinical experience backed up by scientific literature on what he uses to prevent and treat colds and flu.

Make Your Own Home Remedies

Easy-to-make home remedies—made from ingredients found in your pantry or supermarket.
Author Brendon Groves is an experienced naturopath who has been supporting people to be “immune fit” for over 20 years.

Cold and Flu Rescue Book

Cold and Flu Rescue Book


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