Weight Loss Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Common Mistakes Peolpe Make When Trying to Lose Weight.

Weight Loss not only involves planning, preparation and regular exercise. Also, it requires making a smart decision on what you are going to eat. However, there is so much information out there to choose from it can seem overwhelming and make it difficult to know what to follow. Here are some of the common mistakes people make when they are trying to lose weight.    

Doing The Latest Fad Diet

Doing the latest diet craze is a sure fast way to set yourself up to fail. They usually promise quick weight loss. In many cases, the weight comes off but does not last. Rebound weight gain is typical, especially a few weeks after you stop the diet. 

Solution: Look for a diet that has an initial weight loss program with proof that it has worked for others. Besides that, it must be followed on by a maintenance phase this will help you to integrate the eating plan into your everyday life. Other qualities to look for in a diet are: 

  • Whole-foods
  • Low or no processed foods
  • Low carbs
  • Lean protein   

To long In-between Meals

Unless you are following Intermitted Fasting Diet rules, skipping meals is a sure fast way to slow down your metabolism and gain weight. Heres how a stressful day may present itself:

  • Breakfast at 7:00 am followed by a busy morning at work in meetings and answering emails. 
  • Lunch at 12:00 pm but there is not enough time to eat before you know it, you are starving, and it’s 3:00 pm. So you stop off on the way home to pick up kids and grab something to tide you over.
  • Dinner at 6:00 pm and now you are starving so, you overeat and wonder why you have no energy shortly after finishing your meal.  

Solution: Plan your day, if you know tomorrow is going to be busy prepare your lunch and pack some healthy snacks nuts (walnuts, almond, macadamia nuts). The snacks will vary depending on your diet’s guidelines. In addition to the daily preparation you will need to eat more frequently:

  • 3 main meals per day. 
  • 2 snacks in-between meals 

Overdoing One Type Of Food 

Salads are a great example where most people go overboard, while they are very nutritious, many people go overboard with toppings like mayo, cheese, croutons, potato, rice, and noodles. All this does is create a high-carb meal and put weight on.

Solution:  Increase the lean protein, use raw nuts for crunch and fresh herbs for the favour. Use a healthy dressing (mix 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of olive oil together).

Cheat Days

The problem is “cheat days” For a start you are not cheating. Secondly, a day is way too long. You will most likely overeat and knock yourself out with a food coma and feel tired.

Solution: Change the psychologically and call them free meals, they are a much better way to manage your social eating and other times when you need to indulge. Furthermore spread free meals out over the week as needed. You need to allow yourself to have the occasional free meal. I recommend doing that in the morning, so your body has the opportunity to burn off the carbs by the afternoon. The Free meal frequency will depend on the diet.

Personalised Q & A  

Ultimately, my goal is to provide you with the knowledge to make an informed decision on what diet best supports your health needs. With that said, if there are any aspects of your diet or health, you would like to discuss or clarify. Contact us through this website or if it is of a more private nature contact me directly.

In wisdom and good health
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Written by: Brendon Groves Clinical Naturopathic Practitioner and Founder of Groves Naturopathics

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