Is Your Gut Affecting Your Weight?

The Gut’s little known Secret.

While a healthy diet, exercise, adequate sleep is essential to maintain a healthy weight, studies show that there is a new player in the weight game and it lives in your gut! On average your gut contains over 37 trillion bugs known as the microbiome. Also, these bugs strongly dictate and regulate weight. A happy waistline means you have healthy microbiome. 

Can The Gut Burn Fat?

Each person’s microbiome is different. The gut bacteria in lean people is different from overweight individuals. Thin people have a healthy microbiome, with a diverse range of beneficial microbes and very few bad bugs that cause problems in the gut. As a result messages are sent from the good bacteria to the body to maintain a healthy weight range, thus helping to control weight gain.

However, in an overweight person, the microbiome balanced is tilted by the bad bugs and has a decline in the beneficial microbes. This gut imbalance is known as “dysbiosis”. Dysbiosis loves processed foods, the more carbs the more bad bugs, the more energy converts to fat, especially around the waist.

Increase Your Fat Burning Bugs

So, if you support your microbiome and free the gut from bad bacteria you are on track to maintaining a healthy weight. Probiotics can promote the growth of good bacteria while reducing the growth of bad bugs. However, it is important to choose the right probiotic for you. 

What The Heck A Probiotic Improves Weight! 

Yes, that’s what the research says. Specific probiotics enhance the microbiome and can lower body weight in overweight individuals. Probiotics have shown to:

  • Improve the diversity of the microbial in the gut. 
  • Decreases the inflammation caused by dysbiosis.
  • Reduces fat production by the bad bugs

Collectively resulting in an overall reduction in weight gain — helping you lose belly fat. 

Your Trim and Terrific Toolkit

I would be unethical of me to recommend you take a probiotic alone to lose weight. Take a pill for an ill, it might work for a little while, but you will not learn what true health is all about. So, here is my wholistic tips for weight loss: 

  • Regular exercise helps to burn fat for energy and can reduce high levels of adrenaline:
      1. Walking. 
      2. Yoga.
      3. Swimming. 
      4. Weights.
  1. Eating whole-foods helps to regulate your appetite and curb cravings naturally. Also, good bacteria love high fibre foods:
    1. Fruits and vegetables. 
    2. Lean meats. 
    3. Legumes.
    4. Healthy fats. 
  1. Avoid refined foods, and sugar excess carbs from these sources increase that bad bacteria and increase your weight.
  1. Hydration, drink plenty of water:
    1. Increases your metabolism. 
    2. Helps waste elimination.
  1. Adequate sleep, for example, eight hours per night is needed to:
    1. Reset and balance your metabolism.
    2. Reduces inflammation.
  1. Professional guided program can help you to stay on track with a weight loss plan and get long-lasting results. The “GRIT Weight Loss Care Package” is designed specifically to:
    1. Reduce cravings. 
    2. Increases fat loss. 
    3. Maintain muscle mass.
  1. Enhancing your microbiome balance with probiotics will improve your gut health, reduce the uptake of fat from your food and support a healthy weight loss.

Personalised Q & A  

Ultimately, my goal is to provide you with the knowledge to make an informed decision on what diet best supports your health needs. With that said, if there are any aspects of your diet or health, you would like to discuss or clarify. Contact us through this website or if it is of a more private nature contact me directly.

In wisdom and good health
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Written by: Brendon Groves Clinical Naturopathic Practitioner and Founder of Groves Naturopathics

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