Brendon Groves cr

Brendon Groves

Clinical Naturopathic Practitioner and Founder of Groves Naturopathics Brendon’s Journey Brendon graduated in 1999 in health science at the Australia College of Natural Medicine located in Brisbane Australia.

Fully qualified, Brendon holds an Advanced Diploma of Health Science (Naturopathy) and a Diploma of Health Science (Nutrition), along with a Diploma in Herbal Medicine, and ATMS accreditation.

About Brendon

Brendon has been teaching wellness to people for over 20 years. He has maintained a full-time clinical practice for the last 20 years educating and supporting his patients. A devoted husband and father he is admired for his ability to juggle a successful career and kept an envious home life balance.

Also, Brendon has been a sought after lecturer speaking and teaching to the profession in the more delicate details of iridology. Brendon now frequently writes on health matters for the profession and is a guest writer on several blogs. Interviewed by a nationally acclaimed news program, he is a sort after speaker.

When he is not seeing patients, researching, lecturing, and writing he spends his time with his family and Sarah, the dog. Brendon is driven to make a difference in the world and knows that focussing on his daily routine, diet, nutrition, meditation and exercise will to help him serve the community. 

To get himself on track and focus Brendon works with a mentor to enhance his ability to deliver the best possible care. He has a keen eye for details and persistence to provide the best possible health outcomes.

His knowledge and programs are based on research, clinical experience and health science that is all built on historical knowledge passed down from generations of healers. If you need to consult with a naturopath, look no further, book in with Brendon and you can discuss your health goals with him.


A Message From Brendon 

Hello, my name is Brendon Groves, I have been practising clinical Naturopathy, Nutrition medicine, and Western Herbs, for the last 20 years. Having worked with all kinds of patients, from the young to the old, from the fit and healthy to the ill and frail, from doctors and managers to athletes and accountants. 

From my experience, anyone can improve their wellbeing. Just as we are responsible for our finances we are all responsible for our own well being. I use functional medicine to help you find answers to the possible cause of your condition and together we will collaborate to address the biochemical imbalances that may be making you feel unwell. 

I will help you search for underlying triggers contributing to your dis-ease through cutting-edge lab testing and together we will tailor the intervention to your specific needs as an individual taking into account your lifestyle and dedicated budget and time frames. I may offer lifestyle changes, diet, nutritional supplements. I will seek the most gentle way to help you restore balance with the least invasive pathway as possible. 

I do this through an Integrative approach a healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person (body, mind, and spirit), including all aspects of lifestyle.

If your intuition speaks to you, come, join me or pass this on to a friend, work colleague or someone you love. Helping you on the journey.

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In health and wisdom
Brendon Groves

Nadine Groves cr

Nadine Groves

Nadine graduated in 1999 in health science at the Australia College of Natural Medicine located in Brisbane Australia with an Advanced Diploma of Health Science (Naturopathy) and a Diploma of Herbal Medicine, and ATMS accreditation.
She now practices as a specialist in wellbeing and health.

About Nadine

Being a Mother to a 13 year old girl and wife and life partner to Brendon as well as Naturopath and educator to the profession, she knows first hand the importance of nutrition for children and the family, including her elderly mother and father.

Growing up with foster children herself. Nadine saw first hand the impact of stress and poor diet and that having a supportive environment made a profound difference to the outcome of a child’s wellbeing and health, from this experience it inspired her over the years to support babies and children with a large range of health issues.

She now educates mothers and fathers on the fundamental nutrition and provides functional testing to help determine the child’s individual requirements.

Nadine has lectured and educated for many years on the importance of nutrition for young children and that understanding the requirements of each individual child aids them with the best start to life building a strong immune system and healthy brain cognition.

Over the last 20 years Nadine has practiced as a clinical naturopathic practitioner, she has facilitated thousands of consultations working with a broad range of health conditions.

Nadine approach is focussed on,

1. Finding the cause of your complaint.
2. Assessing the bodies minerals, vitamins, enzymes.
3 Investigating hormones.
4. Eliminating heavy metals.
5 Educating individuals and their families on a healthy life style and formulating individual dietary approaches.
6. Focusing on prevention of illness, promoting energy and the fulfilment of life.

Special Interest;

In food as medicine, Nadine spent many years growing her own
vegetables and herbs, creating nutritious recipes and enjoying sharing these with the local community. She now focuses her time and expertise in;

1.  Child & infant health
2. General female health
3. Pregnancy
4.  PMT
6. Amenorrhoea
7. Endometriosis
8. Uterine fibroids
9. Menopause

Nadine has extensive experience in working with young women in the begenning stages of menstrual health and supporting women throughout the phases of fertility, pregnancy and menopause.
Treating a wide range of gynaecological complaints including premenstrual (PMS), endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS), amenorrhoea, and uterine fibroids.

What to expect:

Nadine undertakes a detailed case analysis including full,
1. Medical history,
2. Listening to and hearing each patient’s unique story.
3. Collecting dietary and lifestyle details.

Diagnostic Tools

1. Include blood.
2. Urine.
3. Tongue texture colour and areas associate with internal organs.
4. Nail texture and quality reveals potential deficiencies.
5. Blood pressure.
6. Functional pathology.

Functional pathology is a method of specialty investigation and assessment of an individual’s biochemical, hormonal, nutritional and metabolic markers.
pathology highlights abnormalities in function of a tissue, body systems, focusing on early detection and intervention of potential underlying pathological processes otherwise not identified via traditional medical investigations.

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In Life and wellness
Nadine Groves